SCS2016 Keynote Speakers: John Quackenbush and Janet Thornton

We have got quite a program planned for you on July 8 of this year! We expect a highlight of everyone's day will be the keynote lectures in the morning and afternoon. Two experts in the fields of cancer systems biology and structural bioinformatics will be talking about their research and experiences as leaders at the forefront of science. You can learn more about John Quackenbush and Janet Thornton below.

John Qucakenbush began his career on the West Coast, earning a bachelor's degree from Caltech and a PhD in theoretical particle physics from UCLA. In 2005, he joined the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) as a professor of biostatistics and computational biology. He is also a professor of biostatistics at Harvard School of Public Health. In 2009, Dr. Quackenbush founded the DFCI Center for Cancer Computational Biology and he continues to serve as the director. His current research interests involve using genomic and computational approaches to understand the complex factors that mediate the link between genotype and phenotype in cancer and other diseases. His research group also focuses on publishing tools, protocols and databases that the computational biology community can use to further their research. In 2011, Dr. Quackenbush published The Human Genome: Book of Essential Knowledge, which reviewed the science and implications of the Human Genome Project.

Professor Janet Thornton is group leader at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI). She is a leading scientist in the field of structural bioinformatics, and uses computational methods to understand protein structure, function and evolution. She was Director of EMBL-EBI from October 2001 to June 2015, and played a key role in ELIXIR, the pan-European infrastructure for biological data, since its inception. She started her career as PhD student at the UK NIMR before she became post-doc at Oxford. She then held a joint appointment at University College London and the Bernal Chair in the Crystallography Department at Birkbeck College. Professor Thornton is a Fellow of the Royal Society, a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, a member of EMBO and a foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences.

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando, Florida this summer!

Bart Cuypers and Ben Siranosian
SCS2016 Chair and Co-chair