7:30       8:45       Registration
Session 1 – Session Chair: Bart Cuypers  
8:30 9:15 Welcome and Ice Breaking Event
9:15 10:15 Keynote Speaker John Quackenbush
10:15 10:45 Morning Coffee Break
Session 2 – Session Chair: tbd  
10:45 11:00 Archana Yadav
KIXBASE: A KIX domain database and web server for prediction and analysis
National Institute of Plant Genome Research, India
11:00 11:15 Bridget Bannerman
An interactive three-dimensional eukaryotic model - A comparative tool for the evolution of the core components of the exon junction complex and intron density in eukaryotes
11:15 11:30 Natalie Davidson
Differential Expression Analysis for Highly Related Samples
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA
11:30 12:30 Sponsor Talk by Elsevier
12:30 13:30 Lunch Break
Session 3 – Session Chair : Ben Siranosian  
13:30 14:30 Keynote Speaker Janet Thornton
14:30 14:45 Niran Hadad
Sex-mutual and sexually-dimorphic alterations in hippocampal DNA methylation with aging
University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, United States of America
14:45 15:00 John Koberstein
DEScan: A novel strategy for the analysis of epigenomic data with multiple biological replicates
Washington State University, United States of America
15:00 15:15 Xin Wang
Comprehensive analysis of chromatin landscape in filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans
15:15 15:30 Mohammad Oloomi
The Impact of Sequence Ambiguity on Read Mapping Accuracy
The University of Melbourne, Australia
15:30 16:00 Afternoon Coffee Break
Session 4 – Session Chair: tbd  
16:00 16:15 Pieter Meysman
Functional subgraph enrichments for node sets in interaction networks
University of Antwerp, Belgium
16:15 16:30 Urszula Czerwińska
Deconvolution of cell and environment specific signals and their interactions from complex mixtures in biological samples
Institut Curie, France
16:30 16:45 Jennie Catlett
Modeling and Verification of a Syntrophic Relationship Between Human Gut Microbes
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, United States of America
16:45 17:00 Libere Ndacayisaba
Proteochemometric Machine Learning Models for Predictive Drug Discovery, Target Identification, and Polypharmacology Deconvolution
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, United States of America.
17:00 17:15 Caitlyn Mills
Utilizing computed chemical properties to characterize the functions of Structural Genomics proteins
Northeastern University, USA
17:15 17:30 Alexander Monzon
CoDNaS 2.0: A comprehensive database of protein conformational diversity in the native state
Universidad Nacional de Quilme, Argentina
17:30 17:45 Gonzalo Parra
Protein Frustratometer 2: a tool to localize energetic frustration in protein molecules, now with electrostatics
17:45 18:00 Carlos Modenutti
From Sequence to 3D-model: an efficient use of Homology Modeling, Molecular Dynamics and Ligand Docking techniques to predict Protein-Carbohydrate complexes
Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
18:00 18:05 Closing Remark
18:05 19:00 Poster Session
19:00   Social Event

As of 5 July 2016. Subject to change before the day of the event.